Color Chalk

Web Development Portfolio

By Amarnath Jaganathan

color chalkColor Chalk is my personal portfolio website.
Hello, I am Amarnath Jaganathan. I do design brand & identities, graphic design.

Build professional looking websites for a living. Welcome to my online portfolio. Get to know me and my projects delivered.

What Color Chalk Offers?

  • Dynamic Personal & Business Websites
  • e-Commerce Development on WordPress
  • Beautiful Blog Design and Development
  • Custom Functionality Development built in websites
  • Customized Website Development with WordPress and Elementor Pro
Who Am I?
Get to Know Me

I am Amarnath Jaganathan, from Chennai in India. Rapidly build WordPress websites and cool brands. Elevated from graphic designer, web designer, web developer and art direction roles. Am now serving clients globally on selected projects. I had the privilege to work for the top brands / companies around the world.

What I Do?
I Make Awesome Stuff

Create Brands, Develop Websites. Take your ideas and transform them to portable / deliverable s in web and print media. Present necessary Mock-ups and write up supportive story so that you present to users in simple words without any jargon or technicality involved. Extend them to various campaign.

Where I Am Located?
Chennai, India.

I am from Chennai, India. I work as an Independent Freelancer. Can work from home, park, beach and cafe leisurely. Collaborate with clients and colleagues via online tools and commute/communicate via Skype. Extensively use Spreadsheets for iterations and project tracking.

Working with me, you will get...

Pixel Perfect

High quality graphics and illustrations. Crisp and innovative logos on brand identity. Creative corporate branding collateral s.

Responsive Websites

Websites and online shops easy to navigate and responsive compliance on all modern browsers and devices.

Industry Standard

Website optimization for SEO and page speed. Sitemaps enabling and submission to google search engine. 

Free Updates

Be it print or web, 2 months essential free updates on tools, plugins, frameworks as maintenance post launch.

Got an Interesting project? Count me in.

A small logo or a new website for your business. I can work on your brief and deliver some awesome work for you.