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What I Offer?
From Branding to Professional Websites.

Small Business Websites

Understanding your business setup. Know your customers and competitors. Make audit on existing resources. Choosing a template or design a custom one which best fits your business and budget. Populate content and publish smart dynamic pages. Beautify them.
Make meaningful forms, so your customers can communicate and place orders or do business with you. Keep the content easily readable and reach the audience by adding proper SEO tags.

Setup tracking codes on your website so that you receive reports on user traffic. Create and Integrate social media profiles like facebook, twitter, linkedIn etc., Promote your products on those channels. And create a social medium where your customers start bonding with your brand and its identity.

Branding Exercises

Thinking of transforming an idea into a tangible product? Let me give you a shape to it. I will do a logo based on your idea. Extend it to various forms and deliverable s.

Events, Conferences, Kick-starter projects. All of them requires creative branding.

Make a single design for an event. Your intent may be for stage. But execute the same collateral and promote the message into your website headers, sidebars, footer alerts, advertisements, e mailers, facebook announcements. Extension possibilities are numerous. And your customers will see everywhere and connect with your brand. Practically reach audience anywhere, anytime and make them experience your identity.

I do the research, prepare concepts and execute designs. Populate extensions and hook them up on to the appropriate mediums. And you get business.

CMS Based Online Shops

Easily sell your products and services. No matter how small or less you offer it can be. I will help you in developing your online shop in no time. And you can start earning via your website for the services you offer.

You can easily maintain products & orders at one place. Keep stock inventory and maintain them automatically. Simply manage shipping and tax details. Even provide digital downloads, if you are offering virtual services like music album, eBooks, games etc., Accept Credit / Debt card payments with and without PayPal Express checkout.

Now you can easily manage and maintain your websites without any programming knowledge. This is where Content Management System (CMS) websites help you. CMS web softwares which helps you build and manage beautiful websites rapidly. Websites which works on all devices including mobile phones.

I setup these open source CMS software on your hosting account and configure them. You just need login to your dashboard. Write your new post or page easily. Simply insert supporting images. Hit publish button. And your content is live on your website for your users to read.

I have delivered to over 120+ Clients worldwide.

From simple logo design, company branding, corporate websites to online shops. Delivered professionally in a timely manner.

Recent Projects


Online Visa Processing Website

Client is an agent in Australia, providing professional migration services. Work involved developing large conditional logic based online.


Website for an Calgary Restaurant

Developing an awesome looking restaurant website from a layout provided by a Dubai based Ad agency. Work involved copy-writing content and building event planner forms.


Butter & Ghee Vendor Online Shop

Developing an awesome looking restaurant website from a layout provided by a Dubai based Ad agency. Work involved copy-writing content and building event planner forms.